Dear friends you sail across the network:

Let me greeting you and giving you the opportunity to step into the passionate world of our website.

We are in the same task from different points of view: The need of residence with the highest performance at the best price, and our desire to offer you what you demand.

You have in front of you, the facilities and adequate services to achieve the highest academic performance and the ability to grow up as people. We propose a friendly coexistence, in an attractive environment, inviting all to work, peace, relationship, and soon.

Obviously, what you will see on our website will bring you curiosity; desire to know more precisely our content. To do this, the offering of communication with us and visiting us, you may know the Residence and establish a personal relationship, by drawing nearer to reality and making easier your decision. Otherwise, we will put at your disposal the posting of, as much information as you require. Specially, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.

We know that if you have to leave your place of residence to continue your studies or perform other training activities, you will consider all possible options. You will measure up how much, in which way and where to do it. The Eibar Residential Center will be one of the possibilities that will be worth you to consider. We invite you to find it out.

On behalf of all the people who make possible the operation of the Center, thanks for taking a few minutes.

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