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  • You do not need to use any kind of transportation, whether private or public, to access your school from your place of residence. This implies that:
    • You will not have to get up early unnecessarily.
    • You will not feel forced to inadequate transportation schedules.
    • You can avoid high road accidents (with consequent economic and personal problems), breakdowns or traffic problems, which may cause unnecessary loss of lessons.
    • Save time and avoid displacements.
  • Quick access from the Residence to your school, which means:
    • Facility to make queries with faculty.
    • Easeness of attending practical classes or workshops that are taught in the evenings.
    • Peace of mind, in all respects, to prepare for exams, using the infrastructure that The Hall of Residence offers.
  • Saving time and energy, compared to staying in a student flat as housework, and disadvantages such as laundry and ironing, preparing meals and washing up, keeping the flat cleaned, having too many people on the apartment, distance from Studies Center, high cost of a rented flat, and so on, are covered by the Residence.
  • Residential infrastructure serving the students: Study Rooms, Computer Labs and Internet, Libraries at your disposal, and so on.
  • Living together in Residence: in the academic sphere, enables contact with other fellows, which leads to higher availability of group study and resolution of common questions and problems, and sharing of notes; in the social area, enables a rewarding friendship with mates.
  • Superb value for money offered by the Residence, adjusted to most of the family economies, in addition to have a technical staff and highly qualified services.
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